If you are looking for a hammer-drill, then you should consider buying DEWALT DCD775KL-F.

For a wide variety of different do-it-yourself tasks, as well as construction projects, this lithium-ion hammer drill would be perfect for you.

With a large amount of different features, which offer innumerable advantages to you, DEWALT DCD775KL-F would prove to be completely perfect for you.

Whether you have a professional shop, or you are going for work at a jobsite, this cordless, as well as compact hammer-drill kit is the perfect kit that you can have.

The ½ inch 18-volt hammer drill has around 17 clutch settings, along with a LED work light, so that individuals can work in dimly-lit environments. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly design, so that there is no user fatigue.

Additionally, there are two speed ranges, including 0-to-500 or 0-1700 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, there is also another speed range, which is from 0 to 8500 to 0-2900 blows per minute. This allows you to gain maximum performance.


The bulb is such that you can work at any jobsite for long hours without the bulb getting warm, and it will be able to work on a single charge. The area light also has a twist and lock lens, which ensures that simple and efficient bulb changes can be made easily.

The design is also such that it weighs very less, around 4.1 pounds, so user fatigue is definitely decreased. The compact size of this hammer drill allows you to effectively drill in tight spaces, such as in closets, under sinks, as well as in corners. Whenever you need a portable light, the fluorescent area light is perfect for you.

In addition, the DEWALT DCD775KL-F is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are compatible with the different Dewalt 18-volt power tools. Furthermore, these batteries tend to have lower weight, which means that downtime is minimized, and this also contributes to the low weight of the machine.

Moreover, they have a long lasting effect. The 30 minute charger, which comes with the kit is also an added bonus, because you can always optimize the power of the machine at all times.

Along with a limited three-year warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee, this tool is definitely ideal for professional use, as well as around the house.

You would love it, if you like the fact that it is portable, and has no tangle of wires. Therefore, buy DEWALT DCD775KL-F hammer drill to conduct a wide range of tasks.

Chief Editor: Yuri Slipokoyenko

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